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Updated 05.11.05

Link to Cornish cat rescue
Link to Smart AZ Photography
Link to Discount Tack & Saddlery

My other Web sites

My auctions - I sometimes sell stuff on eBay. wish list - Some stuff I kind of want.

Discount Tack & Saddlery - The site I designed for Gary Bennett's store in Phoenix.


What friends and family had to say about Mom (1946-2003)
Curium - My friend and former roommate Sam's (former?) band
Alykat's World - Alyson
The Rexphiles - Greta Huls' homepage, dedicated to Cornish Rex cat rescue

Star Wars

The Official Star Wars Web Site - The truth - sometimes not the whole truth - but nothing but the truth. - The best unofficial site for legit Star Wars news and rumors.
Phoenix Fan Force - Web site of Phoenix's Star Wars fan club
The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia

Doctor Who

BBC Online - Doctor Who - Homepage - The official Web site for the BBC's immortal Time Lord.
Outpost Gallifrey - The Web site of the annual Gallifrey One conventions.
Big Finish Productions - The New Doctor Who Adventures - The official Web site for the Doctor's all-new audio adventures.
Stripping Down - "So Much Information It's Almost Indecent....." - Unofficial guide to Doctor Who comic adventures.
The 8th Doctor Comic Strip Guide - Unofficial synopses of the stories in Doctor Who Magazine.

Other British wackiness

Red Dwarf: The Official Web Site - Smeg off.
BBC America - The best of British television.


Random fun

Homestar Runner - Possibly the coolest thing on the Web. Flash required.
Wil Wheaton Dot Net - Personal Web site and blog of the former Star Trek: The Next Generation teen actor, designed and maintained by Uncle Willie himself.
Ask OJ - I'm still speechless after seeing this one.
The Death Clock - It's all in good fun. Really.
Web Bob - It's The Ded Bob Web Paj!
Digital Blasphemy - 3D wallpaper

Useful stuff - The Web site of the East Valley and Scottsdale Tribune (my paymasters).
The Elements of Style
Encyclopedia Mythica
The Idiom Connection - English idioms and quizzes.
Origin of Phrases
The Slot - "A Spot for Copy Editors"
The CIA World Factbook - A guide to time zones, calendars and more.

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