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Deities by alignment and portfolio

GOOD Temmanon sun, light, paladins, valor
Gilana birth, family duties, honor
Isseya moon, magic, wizards
Manon healers, guardians
Lustra love, beauty
Evaris bards, artists
NEUTRAL Yerberon government, law, trade Nosh death, funerals
Tehanus druids, groves, earth
Cadrinr sages, knowledge
Nyamo oceans, pools
Siohar storms, winds, trickery, illusionists
Arbena sorcerers, fire
Fane beasts
EVIL Kalro war, upheaval Hakatia dark magic, necromancers The Lady of Shadows darkness, thieves, assassins, secrets
Myos madness, chaos, entropy

Deity descriptions

Temmanon is the patron god of paladins and the very virtuous. His priests and paladins are the champions of law and right and the paragons of valor. He is also the sun god. Temmanon is the son of Yerberon and Gilana, and the brother of Isseya. Symbol: Rising sun

Gilana is the patron goddess of mothers. Her priests are midwives and enforcers of familial duties. Where Yerberon's law ends - at the threshold - Gilana's begins. She is the wife of Yerberon and mother of Temmanon and Isseya. (And, yes, the sister of Yerberon - her husband.) Symbol: Hearth

Manon - the Guardian - is the patron god of healers and guardians. His priests serve proudly in hospitals and as bodyguards and champions of the weak alike. He is the son of Yerberon and Gilana and brother of Temmanon and Isseya. Symbol: Phoenix shield

Cadrinr - the Great Sage - is the patron god of sages, philosophers, scribes and tutors. His priests maintain vast libraries and write epic - and often tedious - accounts of life in the world. His lineage is unclear; there doesn't appear to be a direct relationship with any of his fellow gods, and he stands aloof and independent almost as an outside observer of their squabbles. Symbol: Scroll and/or candle

Lustra is the goddess of beauty and love. She is the daughter of Tehanus and Hakatia. Symbol: Censer

Evaris is the patron god of bards and artists. He is the son of Manon and a mortal woman. Symbol: Harp

Yerberon - the Lawgiver - is the patron god of rulers, solicitors and honest merchants. He is the unquestioned head of the pantheon, and his priests serve as government ministers, ambassadors and arbiters. He is the husband of Gilana and father of Temmanon and Isseya. Symbol: Scepter

Arbena is the patron goddess of sorcerers, those born with arcane magic coursing through their veins. She is sometimes viewed as an elemental fire goddess as well. She is the daughter of Yerberon; her maternal lineage is unclear, and rarely discussed. Symbol: Flaming hand or eyes

Tehanus is the patron god of druids and the protector of all that sprouts from the earth. He is the brother of Yerberon. Symbol: Tree

Isseya - the Silver Goddess - is the patron goddess of nonevil folk who study the workings of arcane magic. She represents magic and the moon. She is the daughter of Yerberon and Gilana and the brother of Temmanon and Manon. Her priests have access to many arcane spells. Many elves revere her, and it is said that one of the places elves go when they leave the world is to the twilit lands surrounding her palace on the far side of the moon. Symbol: Moon

Nyamo is the patron god of sailors and fishermen. He is the mighty depths of the ocean personified. He is the brother of Yerberon and father of Siohar. Symbol: Dolphin or whale

Siohar is the god of storms and winds, and also the patron god of tricksters, illusionists and mischievious magic users. He is the son of Hakatia and Nyamo. Sailors and fishermen respect him and fear his fickle wrath. Symbol: Dark cloud

Kalro - the Destroyer - is the god of war. His priests are master strategists, and many power-hungry dictators are counted among his followers. He is the son of Nosh and Gilana. Symbol: Gauntlet

Fane - the Beastlord - is the god of wild creatures, often depicted as a man with a lion's head. He is the son of the Lady of Shadows and Myos. Symbol: Bloody paw

Nosh is the god of death. He has many nonevil followers, who prepare the deceased for funerary rites and counsel grieving families. His evil followers actively seek death - for others as well as themselves. Nosh doesn't care, as long as the flow of souls to his dark realm continues unimpeded. He is the brother of Yerberon, Nyamo, the Lady of Shadows and Myos. Symbol: Black disk

Hakatia is the patron goddess of evil arcane magic users, especially necromancers. She is the daughter of the Lady of Shadows and Myos. Symbol: Bone wand

The Lady of Shadows is the patron goddess of assassins and thieves - those who strike by night. Only her devoted followers know her true name. She is also known as the goddess of secrets. She is the sister of Yerberon and Nyamo. She is the sworn enemy of Isseya, and sorely covets her niece's palace on the dark side of the moon. Symbol: Black dagger

Myos was the leader of the gods who shaped the world. When he came to believe so utterly in his own superiority that he decreed all else must perish, the other gods made war upon him and enchained him. Members of a small but growing cult work feverishly to bring him back into the world - and this would mean its destruction. Symbol: Purple-and-black chains